Equality Before The Law

As the chief law enforcement officer for WHEREVER, USA, I believe in equality before the law.  This is a seminal principal of our nation that is enshrined in our founding documents and enumerated throughout our constitution and attendant federal statutes.  It guarantees that everyone, every single person, in this country is treated the same during any interaction with the law and, therefore, law enforcement.  The notion of equality is so central and essential to our national principals, guidelines, and laws that to estrange any aspect or agency of our government from it is anathema to the fundamentals and ideals of America and our ability to continue as a nation.  Any person engaged in government or governance at any level in this country must uphold as inviolable the ideal of equality.  This is doubly important among those engaged in enforcing and upholding the laws of this country at any level from federal, state, local to leadership and entry level: Equality before the law is the membrane that separates a free and open society from tyrannical despotism. 

Equality does not guarantee an outcome; it ensures that neither privilege nor special treatment is afforded to anyone or any group:  All are treated the same and the law is applied the same.  Equality is not equity, and equity has no place at any level of our government, especially not in the law.  Any and every officer of the law must repudiate doctrines of equity as they are derisive and undermine the founding principals of this nation.  We are a nation of laws predicated on the Rule of Law which means that no one is above it.  Anything and anyone who deviates from this is contrary to law and should be nullified.  It is imperative that any leader in your government acknowledge and uphold this principle.

Similarly, any law, regulation, guideline, or order that is contrary to the US Constitution has no value and must be voided.  The rights and freedoms of the people of this country are sacrosanct and paramount to the will and whim of the government.  This should be obvious and self-evident as the government is derived from the will of the people and those who govern are selected by the governed. I pledge to not only uphold myself and my department/agency/office/administration to these principles, but to fight against any who would violate them.