Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

– Benjamin Franklin

Reshape the paradigm of “Law Enforcement” to “Peace Officers/Keepers of the Peace”

Local law enforcement (unlike federal law enforcement) is responsible for protecting the communities that lie within its geographic jurisdiction.  Their mission is not to enforce specific statutes/regulations; their mission is to ensure the peace of their communities.  This is why police and sheriffs are called Peace Officers and certified by the state’s Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) board.  The Sheriff has the authority to exercise discretion over matters of enforcement, placing the rights of the citizens ahead of the wants and whims of the government.

Nullify laws/mandates/orders that are not Constitutional

Exercising enforcement discretion, the Sheriff places the rights of the citizens first and nullifies, through refusal to enforce, laws/mandates/orders that are contrary to the Constitution.  The Sheriff acts as a check and balance against (any) government that exceeds its constitutional limits. E.g. Mask and vax mandates, ERPO, Stay At Home.

Sheriff Badge

Investigate violations of Constitution at every level

The Sheriff investigates any officer/official/employee of any government agency or division who takes any actions that violate a citizen’s constitutional rights. Some examples of this would be mask mandates, involuntarily closing or restricting businesses, designation of civilian employees as “essential” or “non-essential”, warrantless surveillance or any other unreasonable search or seizure, abuse of authority under the color of law. 

 Investigate election fraud where reasonable suspicion exists to do so.

Since none of the officials who are actually responsible for ensuring election integrity have the will or the wherewithal to do this, the Sheriff accepts the responsibility to take and consider evidence of wrongdoing during and connected to the conduct of our elections and pursue criminal investigations predicated on reasonable suspicion of unlawful actions.

Eliminate the practice of Civil Asset Forfeiture

The Sheriff will abandon this practice entirely and promptly return any property that has been unconstitutionally seized.

Establish practice whereby any state or federal law enforcement agency taking enforcement actions in El Paso County advise and obtain the consent of the Sheriff

The Sheriff will advise any state or federal authority operating within El Paso County that they must advise the Sheriff before conducting operations.  Any operation that is contrary to the Constitution will be met with resistance by the El Paso Sheriff.

Pull support/participation from federal task forces pending review(s) of their Constitutionality

Recent events by the US DoJ have demonstrated that the US Government does not give serious consideration to citizens’ rights guaranteed by the Constitution.  Furthermore, the US Government has adopted the practice of using law enforcement as a weapon to impose its political agenda.  The Sheriff does not participate in such illegal activities and focuses the department’s resources to resist and confront them.