Community Problems Need Community Solutions

With liberty comes responsibility.  This is what our founders envisioned and intended and what our Constitution prescribes.  Too often, government is called upon to intervene where our communities and community groups should take leadership roles.  As an elected official, I will engage with other officials and leaders to find solutions for our communities that limit or eliminate government involvement.  The less we involve government in our lives, the more freedom we have.  With more freedom, we must accept more responsibility and become involved to solve our own problems.
                                                                          Mental Health

Some of the problems facing our society are complex and not easily confronted or mitigated without bold leadership.  Mental health is one of these problems.  As your sheriff, I will continue and expand current mental health programs practiced by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in order to reduce the burden on the criminal justice system and find help for those suffering from mental health issues.  No one is well served by placing people suffering mental health crises into the criminal justice system.  I will form a task force to find solutions throughout our community and minimize government involvement in people’s lives who need mental health assistance, not a jail cell.