My Pledge

My pledge

Todd Watkins

My name is Todd Watkins and I am running for El Paso County Sheriff.

I have served this great nation for over 28 years in the US Army and as a United States Border Patrol agent.  I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and I believe that oath is for life.

I served as a soldier during the Cold War and as a Border Patrol Agent in many assignments from the southern border, northern border, our national headquarters, and as a military liaison to Special Operations Command North here in Colorado Springs.  I have held frontline positions, special operations positions, emergency management positions, and leadership positions from the tactical to national strategic levels in an agency with over 21,000 agents.  My mission was to protect America.  I still believe that to be true.

Here is what I’ve learned from my years serving our country: our government is upside down—from the federal to the state and to the local level.  We The People are supposed to be in charge, but we’re not.  We have corrupt elected officials who appoint and hire corrupt bureaucrats to impose their political ideology on us.  We cannot trust them.  We can’t even trust our elections.  Government at every level has abandoned the principles and the purpose of our Constitution—to control the government; not to control the population.

The last line of defense that we as citizens have to prevent the loss of our rights and liberties and to stop the overreach of government that has abandoned our Constitution is the elected county sheriff.  The sheriff can and should make the utmost priority of protecting YOU and YOUR rights from all enemies foreign and domestic. I am that sheriff.  I will defend your civil liberties.  I will stand in the gap to preserve the Constitution and preserve your God given rights. 

I am Todd Watkins and I will wear my badge to protect you.